First date, he spies her from across the Great Room. She is standing modestly, light falling like honey spills onto her prim, slim travel clothes. He watches her, wondering, could they be taking the same transport east?

Second date, his engine has arrived in the station and he moves busily with the crowd. He feels the throng press around him, and, though his drives belays his station, all her equal in this mess to get onto the train. He glances behind him quickly; his nymph has disappeared! Could it be? A woman so beautiful must be descended from loyalty.

He spies her being ushered into coach, and though her car adjoins his own, they could not be father away. He curses the divide that still permeates this world, this caste system, keeping classes as distinct as cows and goats. But do not goats also make sweet milk? And does he truly need the free alcohol, the real food, the WI-FI access, the more luxurious legroom? No! These luxuries a true noble can live without. He resolves to go to her, to brave “economy class” and show this peasant siren that love denies all barriers.

(thrash metal plays ) I HATE EVERYONE EQUALLY YOU CAN’T TEAR THAT OUT OF ME NO SEPARATION NO SEGRAGATION JUST ME AND MY WORLD OF ENEMIES I NEVER SAID I WANTED TO BE GODS DISCIPLE BE THE One To blindly follo* Can I help you? – I don’t know you. No thank you. – Look, I’m kind of busy. - My name? My name is ‘Fuck Yourself, Yuppie Prick.” Leave me the fuck alone. *I’ll never be The One TO BUILD A CROSS DI  SCI  PLE 

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